Zero 90

A Passivhaus-certified PVCu window system, ZERO|90 offers a sustainable, cost effective solution to rising energy costs and will be launched to the UK market in 2022!.

Meet Carbon Targets

Not only will ZERO|90 windows and doors help housebuilders achieve targets in line with the Government’s Net Zero Strategy, the system will offer Whole Life Carbon reductions as it’s Made in Britain.

Homes of the future

Energy reduction and Passivhaus standards are high on the agenda for ‘Homes of the Future’, along with sustainable construction materials and methods.

Architects and developers all over the UK and Ireland are already designing and building Future Homes, offering modern, sustainable dwellings designed to lower energy costs for inhabitants whilst reducing the environmental impacts.

In some regions, such as Dublin, Passivhaus standards have been mandatory in new build dwellings since 2016. Other councils have followed suit, with more set to join the list across the UK.

Noise Reduction

Anyone living in a noisy area will testify to the negative impact noise can have on health, sleep and general wellbeing. Windows with high acoustic properties can help mitigate this.

Standard PVCu double-glazed windows offer sound protection of between 30 and 35 decibels. The ZERO|90 window range beats that, with triple glazed panes providing acoustic ratings of up to 42 decibels.

In urban areas, or for developments under a flight path, building occupants will experience a noticeable difference when Zero|90 windows are installed.

Technical Details

The 90mm ZERO|90 window and door system looks and acts exactly the same as a traditional 70mm PVCu system, with similar slim sightlines – but the additional width of the frames means its multi-chambered thermal and acoustic properties are enhanced. ZERO|90 can achieve U-Values as low as 0.7 with triple glazing and 0.5 with quadruple glazed units and the casement window is fully certified by the Passivhaus Institute.

The full system has also been tested and accredited with PAS24 security and is Secured By Design ready.In a brand new innovation for the UK market, ZERO|90R can be retrofitted into typical UK window reveals without the need to remove plaster work, which would be the case with other 90mm systems. A clever rebate on the frame’s interior means the windows can be fitted into cavities where a 70mm window has been removed. ZERO|90R saves, time, money and reduces the environmental impact on the project by not having to replaster whilst still giving all the benefits of ZERO|90.

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